10 Ways to Eat Your Mini-Wheats #TryItHot

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How do you like your mini wheats? I came up with these 10 ideas for how to enjoy your Kellogg’s mini-wheats cereal with a little help from Kelloggs and my imagination. If you haven’t tried them with warm milk yet be sure to check out the first five ideas.

10 Ways to Eat Your Mini-Wheats

10 Ways to Eat Your Mini-Wheats

*If you are lactose or casein intollerant or otherwise can’t have cow’s milk try the ideas with any kind of milk you can drink (almond milk, Lactose free milk, soy milk etc.)

Mini-Wheats with Warm Milk #TryItHot

1. Maple and Brown Sugar Mix (Maple Mini-Wheats + warm milk + brown sugar sprinkled on top) OR (Brown Sugar Mini-Wheats + warm milk + maple syrup drizzled on top)

2. Mocha Latte (Cocoa Mini-Wheats Mini Bites + warm milk + warm coffee)

3. Hazelnut Delight (Original Mini-Wheats + warm milk + drizzle of hazelnut spread)

4. PB + J (Original Mini-Wheats + warm milk + melted peanut butter + strawberries)

5. Vanilla Brown Sugar (Brown Sugar Mini-Wheats + warm Vanilla flavoured milk)


Mini-Wheats with Cold Milk

6. Strawberry Surprise (Strawberry Mini-Wheats + milk + strawberries)

7. Chocolate-Banana (Cocoa Mini-Wheats Mini Bites + banana milk + sliced banana)

8. Strawberry Kiwi (Strawberry Mini-Wheats + milk + kiwi pieces)

9. Chocolate Surprise (Any Mini-Wheats + chocolate milk)

10. Maple Almond Twist (Maple Mini-Wheats + almond milk + slivered almonds)


Which combination would you want to try first?


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