Small Change Can Make a Big Difference Thanks To #ChangeItBMO

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This post brought to you by BMO and written by a guest author.

Small change can make a big difference

As a mom of three, I do my share of shopping for the household. I can’t count the number of times I have been asked at the checkout counter: “Would you like to donate $1 to Charity X?” I find it irritating and I end up complying out of guilt, not because I actually want to support the cause, and I know I am not alone. According to a poll conducted by Ipsos-Reid, more than three-quarters of Canadians have a negative reaction when asked to donate at checkout counters. But what’s a struggling charity in need of funding to do?

I recently learned of an easy, innovative and unobtrusive way to support the charities of my choice every day and receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. A company called ChangeIt allows your small change to make a big difference. Similar to the idea of crowdfunding, ChangeIt allows users to make a donation to their favourite charities every time they make a transaction by rounding up their everyday purchases.

Every Little Bit Counts

Using an online portal, ChangeIt users can choose the maximum and minimum amount they would like to donate each month, what charities they want to support and keep track of their donations. So if you use a credit card to buy a coffee for $2.60, 40 cents will automatically be rounded up by ChangeIt for the donation. Every month, ChangeIt will forward your donations to the charities of your choice. At the end of the year you receive a tax receipt for every penny donated.

The service has been available at a number of credit unions in communities across Canada and ChangeIt recently announced a partnership with BMO enabling all of their MasterCard customers across the country to round up their cashless transactions to the nearest dollar amount and direct it to causes they care about.

With over 86,000 charity options available, ChangeIt participants can ensure they’re supporting the charities that mean the most to them or are close to home. Users can contribute simultaneously to as many as five different charities per month and can change their charities of choice at any time. One-time donations can be made whenever donors want, to any charity in Canada.

Giving has never been so easy and manageable. Why dump your change in a jar when you can automatically give it to a charity in need and get a tax receipt? ChangeIt is simple, and puts you in complete control of where your money goes. For more information check out or connect on Facebook.

How Does It Work

What a great way to donate to a charity without feeling hassled or obligated.

What charity would you want to donate to?

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