Anis de Flavigny Candies #CRHGG14

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The Anis de Flavigny candies are unlike any other candy I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. Each candy conceals a real anise seed. They are slowly coated in thin layers of sugar syrup over the course of two weeks!

Anis de Flavigny Candies

The Anis de Flavigny candies come in 7 different flavours: classic aniseed, lemon, orange blossom, mint, liquorice, rose and violet. I had the pleasure of tasting all of them! My personal favourite is the liquorice followed by the rose and violet.

The candies are hard so you have to suck on them and extract the flavour with your tongue. Only when most of it is melted away can you chew the anise seed in the middle. Who knew it tasted so good? I had never tasted one. The ingredients are simple, sugar, anise seed and natural flavour.

Anis de Flavigny Candies

There are two sizes, the regular and the smaller ones which are no larger than a grain of rice. They come in different tins and boxes and you can buy them alone or in sets.

They last a long time (if you don’t eat them all first of course). My containers I just got late 2014 are good till early 2018.

I brought a container of a few different flavours around for my friends and family to try and they all loved them. They didn’t agree on which flavour was their favourite of course but not one person had a bad thing to say about them. They all wanted to know where they could buy some.

Anis de Flavigny Candies - Assorted Containers

The only sad part is that they are not widely available (yet.) The only place in Canada to buy them are the places below and they are not sold in the US. If you want to be able to buy them, maybe you should visit Anis de Flavigny and send them a message!

Where To Buy


Denningers (local to Hamilton, ships to Hamilton, Toronto and outskirts)

Goodness Me (local stores in Hamilton, Toronto, Brantford, Guelph, Waterdown, Burlington, Mississauga and opening soon in Waterloo and Paris) but ships to anywhere in Canada.

Pusateris (local to Toronto)

British Columbia

Fairway Market

Urban Fare


Available here but I’m not sure where.

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