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When I only had two children, my only experience with Eczema was a girl in our Girl Guide unit whose hands and arms were so bad she always wore long sleeves and often wore gloves to cover what it looked like. She couldn’t wash dishes at our camps like the other girls because the soap irritated her skin and she was constantly picking at her skin and making it bleed. I remember feeling so bad for her and wondering why the doctor couldn’t just give her a cream to heal it.

Eczema is Not That Simple (Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #Shop)

What I didn’t realize is that there are all different ways that eczema can show itself and there are all different types of treatments for it because there isn’t one that works for everyone. That little girl had tried lots of different creams and medicated lotions but nothing helped.


My younger son had a few minor scaly patches on his nose and forehead when he was a baby which the doctor said was mild eczema, nothing to worry about. I used lots of lotion and they faded away as he grew into a toddler. He gets a tiny bit just outside his ear now and then but that’s all.

Then my third girl was born. After she grew out of the newborn stage, she developed horrible cradle cap and dry scaly patches all over her body. They grew worse through the Spring and we went to the doctor who confirmed it was eczema. Her neck was the worst. She is a pudgy baby and her neck folds would make the sores break open and ooze. It was terrible. He prescribed some Hydrocortisone Cream to use sparingly, just when it was really bad. We used it to heal the neck sores and occasional other bleeding sores and that was it. Luckily as Summer came her skin cleared up quite a bit but as Fall approached and now Winter is coming, it has gotten worse again. Her chest and back constantly look like one big red scaly patch and she has smaller patches on her legs and arms and back of her head. Her cradle cap is bag with a vengeance too.

We still have the Hydrocortisone cream for when it gets bad but you can’t just slather that all over her entire body, it’s not safe to use that much. So I have been looking for something I can use all over her body, as much as I want to help keep the bad spots from happening.

Heading to Walmart to Shop

I had heard about Polysporin’s new line called Eczema Essentials and I went to Walmart to pick up something to help me out with my situation, before the weather gets older and the eczema get worse.

When we went to Walmart we were greeted by this guy. If you look at the picture quickly he doesn’t look that big but look at the cart beside him to see just how big he really is.

Walmart Welcome Bear (Seen During Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop)

Since I had looked up the cream on before I left to make sure it was in stock at my local store, I knew it would be located in the First Aid section so I headed that way. I thought it might be in the skin care section but I was wrong. (Note: the picture below makes it look like there is office supplies in the skin care section but really, the office supply section comes first and skin care is after that.)

Skin Care Section at Walmart (Seen During Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop)

I kept walking to the pharmacy section. I wandered up and down the aisles trying to figure out where it was. I was about to ask the pharmacist when I saw it.

Pharmacy at Walmart (Seen During Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop)

It was with the facial cleansers. Polysporin Eczema Essentials line carries 3 products: Daily Moisturizing Cream, Daily Body Wash and Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream. I was a bit confused since none of those are a facial cleanser but at least I found it.

Facial Cleanser Shelf at Walmart (Seen During Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop)

After picking up the daily moisturizing cream and checking out new car seats for my youngest we headed to the check out and then home.

Car Seats at Walmart (Part of the Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop)

Checking Out at Walmart (Part of the Polysporin #EczemaAndMe #shop)

So we’ve been testing out the daily moisturizing cream. It doesn’t take away the redness and scales like hydrocortisone cream but it does keep it moisturized and seems to prevent it from getting worse. I think it is reducing the itch as well because normally I see my daughter scratching many times a day and during diaper changes, I have to watch her as she tries to sneak scratches on her bare tummy. I haven’t noticed that as much since I’ve been using the cream. That said, the cream is not for everyone. As I said at the beginning, it’s not as simple as one treatment that will work for everyone or they wouldn’t keep making new products. You’ll have to try it for yourself to see if it works for you.

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