Monster High Freaky Fusion Viewing Party #MHFreakyFusion

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We had the pleasure of hosting a Monster High Viewing party for Monster High Freaky Fusion thanks to Mom Central Canada.

Monster High Party for Freaky Fusion on DVD

More Than Just Monsters and High School

When I first heard of Monster High, I just figured it was a high school but the students were Monsters but that basically, it was another life in high school type show. It is about that of course but there are underlying themes about friendship, inclusivity, acceptance and diversity.

“Monster High™ inspires girls to be unique by empowering them to embrace their imperfections and express their individuality. It’s a school that creates a world where freaky flaws are celebrated and allows girls to be their authentic self.”

Monster High is IN

My girls had not had a chance to see a Monster High movie yet but it was the talk of the school among their peers and it seemed you weren’t cool unless you had “something” Monster High. My girls slowly acquired things Monster High. First headbands made by a friend’s mother, then shoes and then sunglasses. Recently they got shirts. It is almost a given that there will be Monster high dolls under the tree this year.

Monster High Party Attire

My girls felt left out since they weren’t as familiar with Monster High as some of their peers. It was because of this that they were ecstatic to find out we had been chosen to host a party.

Planning a Monster of a Party

The girls planned who they would invite while I handled the behind the scenes stuff. The age range for their party was 7-9. My house is small so we had it at a friend’s house. I found some Monster High party supplies and picked up some frozen pizzas, hotdogs and pink cookies. Mattel provided these purses and some Monster High Magazines as party favours.

Monster High Party: Food

Monster High Emotions

Watching the girls watch the movie was almost as interesting as watching the movie myself. They watched with rapt attention and you could see from their face when something interesting was happening.

Shock at Something Unexpected

Monster High Party - Shock

Worry (and almost in Tears from my emotional one)

Monster High Party - Worry

Monster High Freaky Fusion Is About Teamwork

Monster High as a whole teaches important lessons like I said before. This particular movie is all about Teamwork as an accident happens that fuses the eight main monsters into four and they have to learn how to work together.

“In the latest Monster High™ DVD, Freaky Fusion™ – “Two ghouls are better than one” is the main message. Teamwork, helping each other, the power of friendship, self-expression, individuality, and accepting others are the key messages that are conveyed throughout the movie.”

Monster High Party - Freak Fusion

The movie shows that when the two that were mixed together fight against each other, things don’t go well but that when the two sides work together, they can accomplish more.

Check out the trailer.

Dance Party

As the movie ends, music plays and we had an impromptu dance party. I captured it with multiple photos so I put them together a gif. Unfortunately it’s not great quality because of the free GIF service I used but you can still see how much fun they had.

monsterhighdance on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif


After Sitting For Over an Hour..

…They needed to run off their energy so we sent them outside! My son joined them as well.

Monster High Party - Balloons Outside

The girls all loved the movie. They mentioned especially the parts where they go back in time as well as being hooked on the ending. I asked them if they’d want to watch it again and they said YES! It’s already been decided that my girls at least want to be Monster High characters for Halloween too.


How would your little ghoulings like to win their own copy of Monster High: Freaky Fusion??

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