5 Morning Routine Tips

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5 Morning Routine Tips

These tips will work for anyone who has somewhere to be or a commitment at home to get ready for with a morning routine.

Plan the Night Before

Whether it’s setting out your outfit, making a lunch, writing a to-do list or laying out your keys, get as much done the night before as you can. It’s one less thing on your mind in the morning. Even if you think you normally have plenty of time in the morning, by starting the night before, you will be prepared for anything come morning that might delay you.

Organize Your Bathroom

Spend this weekend organizing your bathroom area so that you know where everything is that you use and everything has a spot. You don’t want to waste precious minutes in the morning searching every drawer for that moisturizing cream or concealer. Get rid of things that don’t belong in a bathroom and make sure that what’s left is in a place that makes sense (shower items near shower, items that need to be plugged in, near a plug etc.)

Make Time for Breakfast

It may be an overused statement but breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day. If you are always rushed in the morning, stock up on some quick grab and go breakfast options such as cereal bars or protein drinks. A donut or sugary cereal does not count. Neither does coffee. You need at least 3 of the food groups represented for it to be nourishing and stimulating to your brain.

Stagger Wake Up Times

Stagger the times the alarms are set for so each person has some time in the bathroom in the morning without the rest of the household banging on the door. This is especially important in a house like mine where six people are sharing one bathroom.

Energize Your Body

Do some yoga, stretching, Pilates or other simple exercise movements in the morning before you go out the door. You might think you are too tired but movement actually increases your energy. You will feel better, trust me.

About the Morning Routine

When you are in the primary grades, getting ready for school consists of getting dressed, eating breakfast and brushing your teeth and hair. As you get older, at least for girls, your morning routine often (but not always) becomes more in-depth with the use of more products. I remember going through phases as a teen of doing nothing to doing it all and even a short Goth phase!

School is back in session and the teen or young adult in your life is experimenting with different products to see what works best for them. I bet as a woman you have your own back-to-routine before you start your day.

Morning Routine Tips: Beauty

What do you normally use? Do you deal with acne? Olay Fresh Effects Acne Control Scrub helps clear acne and blackheads with a fresh scrub. Does your face reflect the sleep you didn’t get last night? The Fresh Effects (Dew Over) Hydrating Gel Moisturizer will energize your skin and give you an instant boost of cooling hydration to wake both you and your skin up at the same time. Cover girl foundation and concealer can help even your skin tone if that’s a problem for you. Finally Secret Clinical Strength deodorant will help ensure you stay dry, even during the stress of school or work. If your skin is showing signs of being mature, embrace it. If that’s not enough for you, try Covergirl + Olay products such as Facelift Effect Firming Makeup and The De-Puffer Eye Concealer.

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