Heinz Baby and Toddler Foods – Kid Tested, Kid Approved

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When I think of baby foods and toddler snacks my mind immediately goes to Heinz Baby.

Heinz Baby makes all kinds of baby foods and toddler foods from jar food to cereals to snacks such as baby cookies.

It’s been a while since my kids had any Heinz foods. My youngest is almost 3 but unlike my first two, he preferred to eat the same food we were eating and so he didn’t have any baby food. My first two loved baby foods, even after age 1. After that we still bought baby cookies and snacks.

My fourth child is due in 9 days and I have no way of knowing if she will be like her sisters or her brother but if she does like baby food, I will be buying Heinz products like I did with my first two. When Heinz Baby contacted me about some of their products, I decided to bring them to our playgroup and share them with the kids there as well as my son to get all of their opinions.

Heinz Baby Products

These are the products I brought to try out. There weren’t any babies at playgroup today but we tried out the cookies and cereal bars.

Heinz Baby Little Kids Snacks

The room was full of kids ages 1-4 today so it was a perfect time to test out the Heinz little Kids line which is designed for ages 1-4!

The girls below were especially excited to see the snacks. The dark haired girl and her sister (not pictured) recognized the packaging as something they enjoy at home and were very excited as we prepared for snack time. When I brought them out, all the parents, including the teacher (who is a mom of four herself) had something to say about the products. They all said their child liked some Heinz products. They may not have all liked every product but hey, kids have likes and dislikes too right?

Heinz Baby - Little Kids Snacks

They weren’t the only ones enjoying the snacks. My son who didn’t like any kind of baby food was eating the cookies as well. In fact the little one on the bottom right barely touched the rest of her snack, she only wanted the Heinz cookies.

What is So Good About Heinz?

  • Prepared in Canada since 1934
  • No salt, sugar, additives, preservatives or fillers are added (except a little bit of sugar to products labelled as dessert.)
  • Triple tested for quality, safety and nutritional content.
  • Heinz Staging System makes it easy to pick the products that are right for your child

Remember Heinz the next time you are in the market for baby or toddler foods!

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*Disclosure: I or a member of my review team received the product mentioned above free of charge by the company or PR representative in exchange for this post. Compensation was also provided. Regardless I only share what I believe in and all opinions are mine. See my Disclosure Policy for more information

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