25 Days of Christmas Countdown from Simply Fun Families

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Are you looking for Christmas countdown ideas? When I was a child we made a paper chain of activities such as reading books, singing carols and watching Christmas specials. With my kids last year we made a paper chain of Christmas books and read a different book each year.

This year we get to try something new: 25 Days of Christmas from Simply Fun Families.

25 Days of Christmas Countdown from Simply Fun Families

Christmas Countdown

Christmas is a holiday meant to be celebrated for all of December AT LEAST. Many people start their celebrations in November. This kit is designed to help you put together a Christmas Countdown your whole family will love, whether you have young children or teens, a big family or small or even no children. I think it would work just fine with a couple without children too.

How It Works

There are 35 pre-printed cards (some are doubles because some activities are fun more than once!) and 5 blank cards to write your own. Since you only need 25, you won’t use them all which is fine because some of them might not fit your lifestyle.

For example, there are two Christmas Eve cards:

  • It’s Christmas Eve… Don’t Forget to Put Out Treats for Santa and His Reindeer
  • It’s Christmas Eve… We’ll Dress Up, Go to Church, and Enjoy a Special Family Dinner

I really appreciate this as families celebrate differently and there is a card that should fit with both the secular and the religious crowds.

MOST of the cards can be used for any day. Only a few like the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day cards are meant for a certain day. As the instructions say, you can either pre-plan before Dec 1 to put certain cards on certain days like putting quick activities on days you know will be busy or putting a card about decorating the tree on the day you plan to do so. Or go wild and just put them in randomly. Then just put the cards in the dated envelopes and you are ready to go. There is even ideas on how to use the system (such as making it a scavenger hunt to find the card for the day first.)


Surprise Cards

In the photo above the bottom middle card says:

“Today’s Special Christmas Event is a SURPRISE. Can You Guess It?”

There are a couple of these cards and instructions on the back say to use the card for whatever you want. YOU think of the surprise yourself and after your kids guess, reveal what it is and do it! Go out for ice-cream after dinner (their suggestion), buy some Holiday donuts from Tim Hortons (my suggestion) or anything else you want.

Other Types of Cards

Some are just for fun like playing games or baking, but some cards have deeper meaning:

“Good Deeds Bring Joy To Our Family. Choose a Secret Santa and Do Acts of Kindness For That Family Member All Month Long”

The back explains it but basically you each get another family member to do good deeds for all month while keeping it a secret (so do this one early in the month.) What a great way to teach that Christmas isn’t just about presents, but about family too.

There are other cards like this to help foster a sense of giving to others throughout the season.

Great System

As you can see, Karen from Simply Fun Families has created an amazing system that can be used year after year. I love supporting mompreneurs, especially when they’ve done a great job creating a wonderful product.

Get Yours Now!

The product is available to buy for $25 CAN online at Simply Fun Families. It takes 2-5 days to ship to Canada and 7-10 to ship to the US so you better get your order in right away so you have time to start December 1st!

*Disclosure: I or a member of my review team received the product mentioned above free of charge by the company or PR representative in exchange for this post. No other compensation was provided. See my Disclosure Policy for more information

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