Wow Wow Wubbzy Best of Collection on DVD

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This month saw the release of the Wow Wow Wubbzy Best of Collection DVD set. The set includes 4 DVDs, each featuring one of the main characters: Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy.

Each disc has 7 episodes (6 regular plus one bonus episode in the special features) for a total of 28 episodes. Also included are colouring and activity sheets and music videos. Personally I think the music videos are the best part of Wubbzy, I sing along with them!

All my children like Wubbzy but my 2 year old is currently OBSESSED. Since I’m around when he watches TV, I can say that I have seen all 28 episodes probably 28 times each in the last few weeks. EVERY DAY my son asks for a “DDD” (translation: DVD) and specifies WHICH character he wants to watch that day. (Daizy seems to be the favourite!)

If you are not familiar with Wow Wow Wubbzy and his music videos, take a look at Be Happy below:


I HIGHLY recommend this DVD set as a gift for any child who loves Wubbzy or even someone who has not seen Wubbzy as I can’t imagine any child not liking the show or the songs. I never get sick of seeing Wubbzy unlike some other children’s shows that can get annoying after a while.

280 mins
Not Rated
Starz Media and Bolder Media
Anchor Bay Entertainment

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