Mattel Game Night

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Strategicorn Icon from Mattel Game On! Gameology AppMattel gave me the chance to host a Mattel Game Night with a group of family and friends using games they sent that correspond with my Gameology type. Gameology is a Facebook app by Mattel to determine what types of games are best for you. I took the test and found out I was a Strategicorn. It makes sense as I DO love strategy games. Doing the quiz can also make you eligible for prizes!

Mattel website Mattel Game On! encourages us to have regular Family Game Nights as a great way to have fun and even learn as a family.

Planning the Party

Mattel sent me a magnetic note pad to keep track of pre-party planning.


Since I usually attend or host a game night monthly with family and friends, we just transformed one of our usual game nights to a Mattel game night. Our usual crowd which consists of my mother, my brother, and some of our fellow Girl Guide Leaders got together for some fun.

Mattel Game Night Games

Since I’m Strategicorn, Mattel decided to send me the following games:

  • Mad Gab
  • Kerplunk
  • Phase 10
  • Uno Dice Game
  • Apples to Apples Dice Game


Oh the Food!

We went to a friend’s house and everyone pitched in for food and drinks. Mattel provided the multi-coloured fortune cookies you see below. We had everything from salty to sweet, from fatty to healthy.


The Music

Next we had to get the music figured out. It was just TOO quiet without music! At the time we used a website called Grooveshark but sadly it’s not there anymore. Use whatever you normally use for music.


The Fun

After everyone got settled, I handed out the party favours from Mattel. Everyone got a coaster to use for the party and take home with them, a bottle opener and a card that explained where to go online for the Gameology app.


Finally we got to the games! We played Mad Gab and Apples to Apples as well as some games the other people brought. The Uno Dice game is only for two players and Kerplunk is more for younger players so we didn’t play those at the party but we have tried them out since then. We played Phase 10 a week or so later at my parent’s house. It’s a favourite of mine.


Unfortunately a lot of the photos I took didn’t turn out. Here is my mother and daughter playing Phase 10 a week or so later. I’ll be posting more about the individual games on my new blog, Great Gaming Blog.


We had a great time and we can’t wait to play some of the games again at holidays or future game nights.

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