ADHD Awareness Week is in October

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October is ADHD Awareness Month and one week in October is ADHD Awareness Week each year. There is more to ADHD than just the hyperactivity aspect and symptoms can show in different ways.

How much do you REALLY know about ADHD?

ADHD Awareness

Are You ADHD Aware?

Are you SURE you know the symptoms and facts about ADHD? I thought I knew all about it till I checked out the infographic below.

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ADHD Awareness Week and Month - ADHD Infographic

ADHD Awareness Week

The ADHD Awareness Week website has lots of resources on ADD and ADHD if you want to know more.

The ADHD Awareness Month website has a self-screener for adults. If you are wondering if you might have ADHD it might help.

Economic Impact of ADHD

The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC) did some studies on the economic impact of ADHD and found some interesting stats. Highlights of their report are:

  • Canada loses an estimated $6 billion to $11 billion annually through loss of workplace productivity.
  • The Canadian cost of illness extrapolated at over $7 billion, exceeds the cost of major depressive disorders.
  • Individuals with ADHD are more likely to enter the workforce as unskilled or semi-skilled workers; have greater periods of unemployment; change jobs more frequently; and earn considerably less money over their lifetime.

Most Canadians Don’t GET ADHD

Even more scary are some results from a general population study:

“In fact, most Canadians don’t GET ADHD, with only 12 per cent of survey respondents indicating that a child presenting with ‘hyperactive/impulsive symptoms’ may have ADHD. Instead, 27 per cent believe that parents employ poor discipline, 18 per cent suggest insufficient physical exercise and 17 per cent believe it is a result of being over-tired.”CADDAC

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