Intelligender Gender Prediction Test

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When you’re pregnant, one of first things you do is gender prediction. You want to know right away if the baby is a boy or a girl. Traditionally though the earliest you can find out is at the anatomy ultrasound which is performed around 18-22 weeks, or a little earlier at some private clinics in certain places. The old wives tales and prediction charts have never been proven as a reliable method although they can be fun.

There is no way to know 100% early on but if you are past 10 weeks and want an 80% idea of what gender you may be carrying, you could try an Intelligender Gender Prediction Test like I did. Of course you can guess at 50% accuracy since there are only two options, but 80% is still better than 50%!

I was sent an Intelligender test to try out.

Intelligender Gender Prediction Test

It’s quite simple. You pee in a cup (not included) and then use the included syringe to draw up 20ml of urine and then deposit it into a small opening in the special cup that has crystals in it. After inserting the urine, you swirl a few times and place on a flat white surface for the allocated time. Then you look at the colour of the urine without moving the cup to determine the result.


I forgot to take a picture before hand so as you can see, the urine has already changed colour when this picture was taken. This is what is included in the box.

If you look closely, you can see there are two colours shown on the bottle. Yellow/orange indicates girl and blue/green indicates boy. Looking at the colour of my urine at the bottom, you can see my test predicted a…



I took the test at 12 weeks and it said boy. I am now 15 weeks and eagerly awaiting my gender ultrasound at the end of September to see what it says. When I find out what the ultrasound says, I will let my readers know! Even if it’s not correct and it’s a girl, it was fun to do and to think about. I would think that the longer you wait, the more accurate it might be. It can be taken as early as 10 weeks but I would recommend waiting as long as you can.

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