10 Simple Steps to Better Fuel Economy

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With the price of gas so high lately, everyone is looking for ways to make their gas last longer, to get a better fuel economy.

10 Simple Steps to a Better Fuel Economy
  1. Go Slow. The faster you go, the more gas you burn. Of course you have to stay near the speed limit but even a 5-10 km/h speed difference can make a difference how fast your burn the gas.
  2. Keep it Constant. Steadily going one speed is much easier on the fuel and your car then speeding up and slowing down quickly and repeatedly. When approaching an intersection, slow down till you come to a stop, don’t slam on the brakes. When you accelerate again, slowly accelerate, don’t floor it.
  3. Keep Your Windows Up. Open windows creates drag as the air is pulled into the car, slowing it down and making your car work harder to keep the speed. The faster you are going, the harder it is on the car. Use air conditioning when you can.
  4. Maintain Your Vehicle – check tire pressure, use the proper gas, check oil, air filters etc.
  5. Warm up the vehicle for less time. Try not to warm up the car for more than 30 seconds on cold days.
  6. Shut off the car when waiting. Whether you are at a long train or parked while someone runs into the store, turning off the car saves more gas then running it.
  7. Clean out your car. The more junk in your trunk, the heavier the vehicle and the more fuel you will burn.
  8. Use the car less. Do all your errands at once, catch a ride from someone else or walk or take the bus.
  9. Fill your car with gas on cooler days. You get gas by volume and gas is denser when it’s cold so you get more for your buck.
  10. If you have the money for an new vehicle, choose one that has improved fuel economy such as a vehicle from Ford Canada.

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