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Shelf Safe Milk from Milk UnleashedI’ve talked about Shelf Safe Milk a few times before and today I want to introduce it again to those who aren’t familiar with it, and suggest other uses for it to those who have.

Milk Unleashed

Milk Unleashed is a campaign brought to you by Tetra Pak to bring attention to the concept of shelf-safe milk. The website contains all kinds of information on shelf safe milk and milk in general such as tips to get your family to drink more milk and where to buy the products (Hint: Since it’s shelf safe, it’s most likely on a shelf, perhaps next to other tetra pak drink products such as rice milk.)

Why Shelf Safe Milk?

Milk is one of those things that we are constantly running to the store to buy because we’ve run out. At the same time though, you usually can’t just stock up on milk when it’s on sale since it doesn’t last as long as canned vegetables or other packaged foods.

With Shelf Safe Milk, you CAN stock up on milk and it won’t go bad. You don’t have to buy a second fridge either because the milk can be store in your cupboard until you are ready for it. The milk is stored in TetraPak containers which do not allow bacteria to penetrate and allow it to stay shelf safe up to 6 months.

While it doesn’t have to be refrigerated until after it’s opened, you may want to chill it before serving so it tastes better.

Ideas for Shelf Safe Milk Usage

  • If you are low income especially, keep a few in your cupboard in case you run out of milk before you have money to buy more.
  • Stock up on the individual serving boxes and put only one package in a time in your fridge to send with the kids for lunches instead of juice boxes.
  • Put a few individual serving boxes in the freezer for a bit before you go on a picnic. Pack them in your bag to help keep other foods cold and ensure the milk will be cold when you are ready to drink it.
  • Put a box in your Emergency 72 hour kit so you can still have the nourishment of milk during an emergency. Since it lasts about 6 months, plan to replace it with a new one every 5 months and use the one you take out of the case within that last month.

Want to Learn More about Shelf Safe Milk?

Take a look at this video.

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