Like Character Tees? TV Store Online Has It All

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Written by Team Member Tony

I guess I’m kind of a nerd. I dress like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. When I went to see Man of Steel I wore my Superman T-shirt. I like having the different symbols of the heroes to wear. I have my Green Lantern shirt, Transformers and Thundercats; several different symbols to choose from.

When I saw the sheer amount of T-shirts available on TV Store Online I had a hard time deciding which one to pick. I saw a Doctor Who one I liked and there were so many classic 80’s shirts but ultimately I chose the Classic Star Trek Blue Science shirt, the one Spock wears.  When it came I was impressed with the quality of the fabric, smooth and comfortable.

Star Trek Shirt from TV Store Online

So many hard to find shirts are available of older movies such as Back to the Future and Caddyshack. Atari and Nintendo are covered and even music bands. You’ll always be ready for Halloween and Cosplay at Comic Con with their selection of Costumes from Movies and TV. The shirts are for adult sizes only, from Juniors to 3X.

I go to the comic convention for my shirts and they never have close to the selection of what’s available at TV Store Online. Next convention I think I will go in costume either as Spock or maybe Waldo.

Waldo Costume from TV Store Online

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