Inspired by TEDTalks #1–Teach Every Child About Food

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Inspired by TEDTalks: Teach Every Child About Food

Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution

The first TED Talk I watched was by Jamie Oliver of the Food Revolution. I was already familiar with Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution so this one really interested me. He showed footage from his visits to schools and the one that showed him holding up vegetables and asking kids what they were, it shocked me. I can see not all kids recognizing a beet or eggplant, but a tomato and potato? Cauliflower? It makes me want to test my kids as the grocery store and see what they recognize.

I have been trying to lose weight and in the process, change my eating habits for the better. I am not dieting, I am eating healthier. I want to encourage my husband and kids to eat better as well but it’s slow going. We all really need to eat more vegetables. I will dig out my Copy Kids DVD to show to my two year old. Hopefully it will rub off on my older kids if they are in the room but really, it’s going to take more than that.

Ideas for Increasing Veggie Intake

  • Take your kids to the grocery store with you and have them pick out one fruit and one vegetable they want to try. If they choose, they are more likely to try it.
  • Have a discussion with your family to find out how they prefer there veggies. Perhaps your children prefer raw crunchy veggies and you’ve been mostly serving soft cooked veggies. Or vice versa.
  • Try different healthy dips to see what your family likes (Hummus, Yogurt) If you want something like dill, ranch or spinach dip, make your own using low fat ingredients.

I will be trying the ideas I thought of above with my family. As a Girl Guide leader, I teach a bit of healthy eating when it’s part of our program. I think it’s very important to teach healthy eating when kids are growing up, in school and after school programs because it’s not being learned in every home.

Watch TED Talks – Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Child About Food

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