Iams Shakeables Dog Treats

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Iams Shakeables Dog Treats - Kratos Approved | callistasramblings.com

My dog Kratos recently tried out new Iams Shakeables dog treats and has deemed them to be “Kratos Approved.” Unlike many dog treats, Iams Shakeables are soft and chewy. (Or so Kratos says since I certainly didn’t try them!)

Use Iams Shakeables For:

  • A small reward for good behaviour
  • A token of love for your dog.
  • Getting your dog’s attention (shake the container and watch those ears turn towards you)
  • A toy (the first time I gave Kratos one, he played with it first before eating it. Hasn’t done that since though, must taste too good.)
  • Teaching the put it on your nose, flip it up in the air, and catch it trick (since they aren’t completely round, they sit better on the snout, see below.)


I Didn’t Taste Them But…

I can say I like the small size as many treats can’t be used by small dogs but this one can. I also appreciate that they didn’t have an overwhelming strong smell. It wasn’t off-putting to open the can.

I loved the creative names: Clucky Me with Chicken, Un-baa-lieveable with Lamb and Gobble ‘em Up with Turkey. The cans are small and bright.

I was amused by the shapes. The lamb ones are shaped in triangles, like little lamb pieces. I like that they can be eaten fast. I know some dogs lick the floor clean but my dog can be lazy and leave crumbs on the floor after eating hard treats.

iams-chicken-shakeables iams-turkey-shakeables iams-lamb-shakeables

Training Tips For Dog Owners From Iams

Stay Away From Table Scraps As much as your furry friend loves to hang around the table while you’re eating, ready to pounce on anything that may fall to floor, resist the urge to feed table scrapes. Not only is human food potentially toxic to animals, scraps also tend to be high in fat and calories and low in the vitamins and nutrients your pet needs. Treats, like New Iams Shakeables, offer wholesome ingredients full of delicious flavours your pet will love.

Tricks For Treats – Treats can be used for training to get your pet’s attention and keep him or her focused. While training, you should use soft, chewy treats that are easy to digest and won’t take away from training time.

Timing is Everything – While training your pet, make sure you are rewarding him or her with a treat immediately after performing the correct action. This ensures the reward is associated with the behaviour.

Consistency is Key – Dog training is intense, so choose a day you have a good amount of free time to begin. Pretend you have left the house and stay away for several minutes. Once your dog thinks you’re gone and “violates the restricted area,” walk in and give a firm “no” or “get down.” Direct your dog to his or her bed, and praise him or her for going to it. Repeat this as many times as necessary. Eventually, most dogs will get the hint. Again, consistency is key. This training may have to be repeated periodically over several weeks or even months.

Take Treats With You – Most pets don’t stop exhibiting good behaviour after they leave the front door. Whether you’re going on a trip, taking a walk, or playing in the park with your pet, treats make great pet travel rewards.

Give Treats In Between Meals – Remember, treats are not a substitute for a meal and should not make up more than 10 to 20 per cent of a dog’s daily diet. To avoid filling up your pet before a meal, try giving treats in between your pet’s scheduled meal times. If you’re training with treats, cut back on meal portions after a session to avoid overeating.


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