My Pretty Playhouse–Cardboard Playhouse (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

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2012giftguideCascades created My Pretty Playhouse made of 100% recycled cardboard in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, who builds houses for families in need. For each playhouse sold, Cascades will donate $2 to the organization in Canada or the United States.

What’s Wrong With a Box?

So are you thinking, cardboard playhouse? Why can’t I just give my kids a cardboard box? Worked when I was a kid. I thought that too at first. However this playhouse is made with thicker, more durable cardboard than most boxes you would get are. It also fits together to actually look like a house with a roof, doors, windows, window boxes, skylight and awnings. My Pretty Playhouse

Bigger Than Expected

Our My Pretty PlayhouseThe kids can draw and colour on it to their hearts content too. It is pretty big though so if you have a very small home, you might have problems. My 5 and 6 year old fit inside with room to move and my tall six year old can stand up in it. It’s designed for ages 3 and up. Although my 20 month old was very interested in it, I had to put it up somewhere he can’t get to it or he would just rip it apart and knock it over.

Only One Small Issue

Speaking of which, although in general it’s made out of hard cardboard, my son did rip the door a bit as we were putting it up and it’s since been ripped off. I wish the doors were thicker since they get opened and shut all the time.

Setting It Up

Putting it together wasn’t TOO hard but it wasn’t super easy either. The directions are included and it recommends two people to put it up so I got my brother to help. I think one person could have done it but it was easier and quicker with the two of us (and we needed to do it quick as the girls were jumping up and down around us asking, “Is it ready yet? Can I go in yet?”)

100% Recyclable and Where to Buy

Best of all, when the kids no longer want it or it’s been so well used it’s broken, you can just recycle it!

You can buy it at the Cascades Boutique along with cardboard children’s furniture, cardboard Christmas tree and cardboard wrapping paper. There is a Canadian, US and Europe store.

There are actually a few different types of houses, you can get the one I reviewed for $34.99 with free shipping.

Peeking Out the My Pretty Playhouse Window

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