Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park for DS and 3DS (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

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Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park Nintendo 3DS and DS

2012giftguideThe newest Moshi Monster game for Nintendo DS is here in time for the holidays. 

“Based on the worldwide phenomenon Moshi Monsters™, and building on the ever-growing popularity of the Moshlings characters, Moshi Monsters™: Moshlings™ Theme Park takes fans on an exciting journey into a new Moshi universe. The game invites players to explore wondrous locations as they work to rebuild the legendary Moshlings Theme Park.”  – press release

Website and DS Game are Interconnected

Unlike many games, the DS game and online site are interconnected. You can find secret codes online that unlock special content on Nintendo DS or 3DS and you can unlock content on the website by achieving high scores in the DS game.

Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park

Nintendo 3DS Features New 3D Technology

For the first time ever, those playing with Nintendo 3DS can interact with other 3DS players using StreetPass™.  This technology brings a whole new dimension to the game.

Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park Features

  • Furnando, a brand-new Moshling Character
  • Comes with a free week-long membership to
  • Redeemable code to interact with your new Moshling on the Moshi website.

Moshi Monsters Are New to Us

Moshi Monsters are quite popular with kids 6+ but my children who are five and six have not met with them yet.  However they love similar games where you have pets or babies that you care for and play games with so I know it will be a hit.

“Moshi Monsters™ is an interactive social online world for kids aged 6-12 years, combining adoptable virtual pet monsters with online gameplay. With engaging puzzles, stories, and exciting missions, the Moshi Monsters™ world is an ever-growing success story with books, magazines and toys to name just a few of the available monster offerings.”

Where to Buy

Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park is available at most places that videogames are sold. Recommended Retail Price: DS $29.99 3DS $29.99

*Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above free of charge by the company or PR representative for evaluation purposes. No other compensation was provided. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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