I See Me Personalized Colouring Books and Mats (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

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I See Me Personalized Children's Books

I’ve reviewed other products from I See Me! before like the My Very Own Name Book or the My Very Happy Birthday book or My Very Merry Christmas Book.

Personalized Colouring Books

New for the holiday season, you can now get personalized colouring books and placemats for your children!

My Very Own Name Coloring Book

There are a few styles of colouring books available. The one shown above follows the style of the My Very Own Name Book which features animals spelling out the child’s name one letter at at a time, except this time you get to colour it in!

My Very Own Fairy Tale Coloring Book

This one follows the style of the My Very Own Fairy Tale Books you can buy. I received this style of colouring book for my girls.

The story starts off about it being an important fairy day:

“Wake up, little fairies, so you can hear.
The time for choosing our princess is near.
Please describe the girl you’d like to crown
with a flower tiara and a princess gown.
Who knows a girl who’d be just right?
We’ll crown our fairy princess tonight!”

Each letter of the child’s name is shown next with a different type of fairy and a few nice words about your child that begin with that letter. After the name is spelled out the child can decorate her crown, assist a fairy with her wings, fill out her certificate and do a few puzzles and name practice. I like how on each page it starts the instructions with the child’s name.

The details on the pages are so intricate, I feel like your child will either be able to take their time on the artwork but already know how to print their name or be learning to print/spell their name but mostly just scribble on the pictures.

I’d like to see two varieties of each colouring book, one with the detail and maybe learning their name in cursive and the other with less detail and printing their name.

There are other styles of personalized coloring books as well.

Personalized Placemats

The placemats feel like they are cardboard but they have a little coating on them so you can wipe them down but I wouldn’t soak it. I do wish they had come flat though as I will have to roll them up the opposite way and try to make it flat and that never works very well.

I think these would be idea placemats for experimenting with playdough at home or for at the dinner table to mark your child’s spot. Your child could trace her name with her finger while she waits for her food.

There are many types to choose from, these are the kinds my daughters got (but with their own names of course!)



I chose not to include the date and love etc. text as shown above so you could do that too.

Overall I’m pleased with these newest products from I See Me! which doesn’t surprise me since I’ve loved all the products I’ve tried so far. the A Christmas Bear for Me or a Hanukkah Bear for Me books would make great holiday gifts too. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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