Where Do You Keep Your Family’s Important Health Information?

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What’s the name of his medication again? When was she in the hospital for her surgery? What is his blood type? Where did I put that vaccination record?

Do those questions sound familiar? I’ve always struggled with how to keep my health information organized and now that I have three kids and a husband, I have even more things to keep track of. Thank goodness our family doesn’t have lots of complicated conditions or I’d be lost.

I’m always on the lookout for a easy to use record keeping place for all our health information that is also private and secure.  I find the few I have used were limited in one way or another. Either it was created in the US or UK so has different names for medications, terms or measurement units or it became out-dated because it was a program you bought for your computer so it could never be updated.

Emergency Profile in partnership with Canadian MedicAlert Foundation® created a secure online profile where you can organize all your medical information together and edit it or access it from anywhere. Best of all it’s FREE.

Create Your Emergency Profile on TelusHealth

What Keeps My Information Private/Secure?

Emergency Profile is an exclusive feature of TELUS Health Space®, a secure online data storage place certified by Canada Health Infoway and powered by Microsoft® HealthVault®.

How Can I Use My Information?

In addition to keeping your information all in one place and being able to update it or reference it right from the doctor’s office or hospital from a smartphone or tablet, you can also share it electronically or in print with babysitters, day care workers, teachers, family members etc.

What Sort of Information Can I Keep Track Of?

Types of information you can add:

  • allergies
  • medical conditions
  • medical devices
  • measurements (blood glucose, blood pressure, height, lab test, peak flow, weight)
  • Family History
  • Immunizations
  • Past procedures
  • Demographic Info
  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Health Provider Contact Numbers
  • Medications
  • Even Important Documents (Continuity of Care for example)
  • Blood type

What If I Only Want to Share Certain Information With Someone?

No problem! When you share, you create a passcode they can use to access your information and when you set it, you can also choose which types of information above they can view and whether they are able to change any information or just see it.

How Do I Sign Up?

Go to emergencyprofile.com and click on Get Started. Enter your basic information, health information and emergency contacts and save. Afterwards you can go in and add more details.

Emergency Health Profile from TelusHealth

If you try it out, let me know what you think!

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