REVIEW: Jump Start Get Moving Family Fitness Wii Game

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Jump Start Get Moving Family Fitness Wii Game
The Wii is awesome for fitness games I think and so we own a few fitness types games. Some are designed for adults, some are designed for kids.

Get Moving Family Fitness from JumpStart is designed for the whole family although my kids enjoyed it more than me.
The game can be used with up to two Wii remotes and some of the games require the nunchuk. Only one game required the Wii fit board so you could get the game even if you don’t have one and just not play that game (which was so hard I GAVE UP.)

If your child’s type of fitness is sports, he or she will like this game.
The game is hosted by Brooke Burke, cohost of Dancing With the Stars.

What You Can Play

  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Racing
  • Football
  • Balance
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball

There are a few different games in each section. For example, in Basketball there are two different kinds of basketball games. In balance there are two balance games and only one uses the board. It’s a step one and it’s SO much harder than the Wii Fit Plus one, I can’t even do it! I think there should be different levels for that one.

The game comes with a code to get exclusive discounts, wallpapers, incentives, pre-release notices and more at Jump Start.

The Best Part

The best part in my opinion is that you can do all these activities (15 total) in 11 different areas. In other words the background will change to look like you are in a certain spot like in a farm, moon, jungle, in an ancient world and my favourite, underwater (in a glass dome)

Where to Buy + Mobile Apps

You can get the game for only $19.99 at locations in the US and Canada that sell videogames. JumpStart also sells mobile apps that may interest you. There are tons to choose from.

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