REVIEW: Giotto Make Up Pencil–Perfect for Halloween

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Whether it be for a Halloween costume, a costume or themed party or a party with kids, these pencils make applying face paint easy. No more paintbrushes, cups of water and accidentally wiping your face paint off before it dries.

Giotto Face Paint pencils are non-toxic, chemical free, lead free, paraben free and have been tested for dermatological use (for use on skin)  The primary ingredient is palm oil and the makeup is encased in a wood pencil to keep your fingers clean while applying. They are made in Germany by LYRA and are sold here in Canada in Lavish and Lime.


How To Use

  1. Open box
  2. Pick Up Pencil
  3. Draw on Face

Yes it’s that easy. Use the tip of the pencil for small lines, or use the side of the end for a bit thicker line. The instructions mention using a brush or sponge for larger areas so you can probably draw on a sponge and then apply to the skin. I didn’t have a sponge to try it. It washes off with soap and water and comes in a 6 colour set:  white, yellow, red, blue, green and black.

Giotto Make Up Pencil Face Paint Giotto Make Up Pencil Face Paint

As you can see, it’s lighter than your average face paint. It’s also smooth and doesn’t wipe off if you touch your skin, nor does it need time to dry.

“Normally face paint makes my skin itch but my skin isn’t itchy at all with this one!” – Alastrin, 5 years

Giotto Make Up Pencil Face Paint

Perfect for Halloween or any other time, these pencils retail at $19.75 at Lavish and Lime.

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