REVIEW: Cleava–Snap to Bra Cami – Switch From Day Look to Night Look Seamlessly

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The Cleava Snap to Bra Mock Cami With a low cut shirtThe Cleava is a mock camisole, similar to a dickey but it attaches to your bra. It was designed by women, for women. It allows you to conceal or expose your cleavage, depending on the occasion, so you can use the same dress for work and for cocktails.

It gives you the layered look without the added layer. See more on the entire list of advantages.

I received one of these to review. It’s quite an inventive product. It is easily removable and small, so you can slip it into your bag.

It is advertised as “Easy as 1,2,3” to put on or take off. I found it is very easy. It snaps around your bra straps and fits under and over the middle of your bra. You can take it off without undressing and then just slip it into your bag.

Using the Cleava in Three Easy Steps

It is also advertised as one size fits most. I tried it with two different types of bras and found it fits better with one over the other. It also seem to make a difference in the top you wear, it looked better with certain ones. I found it could use one more snap in the middle, at least for me. It felt comfortable but one of the side straps showed above the edge and needed adjusting.  Someone commented that viewed from above you could see the side straps. I wonder if it would work with the snaps being a bit lower?

It just so happens that I have a top really like that is low cut. I wore it one day to play group with my I charge and someone let me know that I was showing a bit too much when leaning over. So that is the top in the picture above.

The Cleava comes in different colors, some with lace and one with rhinestones. I received a white one. I’d recommend having at least black and white to goes with multiple outfits. They are machine washable and dryer safe. I did wash it with no problems.

Where to Buy

The basic Cleava sells for $19.95, more if they have lace or rhinestones. A fair price, I think. They are sold in a few stores in the USA and Australia and one store in Alberta Canada. Otherwise they are an on-line store. It shipped well. I received it in a thin envelope and it arrived promptly.

Bottom line – I think you’ll like it and with the Holiday season around the corner it would make a great gift for any reason or any season.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50

Michelle De Sousa, the inventor of Cleava is so confident that you’re going to love your Cleava that she is offering FREE SHIPPING on any orders over $50.00. You also have The 30 Day Guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your Cleava you can return it within 30 days. You’ve got nothing to lose click here to order or call 1-888-692-5328. The code expires Nov 1, 2012 – Use code: FSCR

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