Halloween Monster Craft with Duck Brand Duct Tape

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When I heard that Duck Brand Duct Tape had even more new styles of duct tape and looked at their site and saw that they had a page listing crafts to do with duct tape.  So I searched the web for more and found these Halloween Monsters made using recyclables and duct tape.

Halloween Monster Craft with Duct Tape

So I wrote Duck Brand Duct Tape to see if they would send us some duct tape to do craft with our Girl Guides and they agreed.

I received many different colours, different patterns and even glow in the dark tape!

Duck Brand Duct Tape

So our Halloween meeting was last night so I brought some recyclables and and the tape and they went to work.

If you want to do it yourself, just pick up some coloured Duck Brand Duct Tape and collect some recyclable materials such as paper towel tubes, pop bottles, kleenex boxes, milk jugs and pretty much anything! Then be creative!


  •  Sometimes it’s easier to attach the two containers with duct tape and then use more to decorate it.
  • If you want your monster to stand unaided, use bigger pieces for legs and lighter pieces on top and try to balance it. Then attach two big rocks to the legs to keep it bottom heavy. It’s tricky.
  • Wash and dry your non-paper recyclables before using so they won’t start to smell or attract bugs later on.

Halloween Monster Craft

I was busy while they did it so I don’t have any photos of the process but here are their finished results:

Duct Tape Halloween Monster

Duct Tape Halloween Monster

Duct Tape Halloween Monster

They were supposed to make them stand up on their own and balance which they don’t but they had tons of fun and they really liked the patterned duct tape.

So in the future, if you are looking for a unique craft to do for Halloween, consider making Duct Tape Monsters.

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