5 Most Important Halloween Safety Tips for Children

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is coming soon and I want you to have fun but I also want you to be safe so please follow these 5 important Halloween safety tips for Trick or Treating.


1. NEVER Trick or Treat Alone

No one, not matter how old, should ever trick or treat alone. If something happens, there is no one to go get help. Everyone should have a buddy at least, bigger groups are even better.


2. Children under 14 Should Always Have Older Sibling or Adult Supervision

A child, especially one that is so excited to be trick or treating, can easily forget or choose not to follow the rules, whether they be traffic rules (not crossing in the middle of the road), your own personal rules (like watching younger siblings or not going to certain houses) or other rules (not crossing people’s yards, being polite, not going in houses.) Use your own judgement on if your child is ready to go out without an adult or not, the age is just a guideline.


3. Don’t Criss Cross Back and Forth Across the Road – Follow Traffic Rules

I know around here, less houses are giving out candy which can make it more tempting to go back and forth across the street instead of up one side and down the other but this is DANGEROUS. It’s dark and there are cars around and many Halloween costumes are not that easy to see because they are dark. Don’t risk it.


4. Watch Your Visibility

There are two types of visibility. Making sure you can be seen (using reflectors on your costume for example) and making sure you can see (face paint is better than masks, if you choose a mask, use large eye holes. Keep hoods down or back away from the face.) Both are important.


5. Always Have an Adult Inspect Your Candy

It needs to be inspected as sadly not everyone is trustworthy and it should be done by an adult or with an adult supervising at least. Throw out any: homemade goodies, treats with wrappers that aren’t on properly or otherwise don’t look right.


What other Halloween Safety Tips Can You Think Of? Let me know in the comments


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