REVIEW: Tenzi Dice Game–No More Taking Turns!

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Tenzi Dice Game

I like dice games. No fumbling with boards and paper money and cards.

No Taking Turns

With Tenzi, there is also no waiting your turn. In all forms of play, all players go at the SAME TIME! It’s fun mayhem!

Simple Rules

The rules are very simple. You get ten dice. Someone says GO. Everyone rolls and rolls until someone has all ten of the same number. There are variations but that is the gist. When you buy the game, 40 dice in four different colours comes in a tube with an instruction sheet. You can’t choose what combination of colours you get, it’s a surprise! I got black, red, blue and green. We tried the game out many times. Its fun!

Playing Tenzi - a Dice Game

Kid Friendly Game

We even played with my girls (Ages 5 and 6) but the adults just purposely went a bit slower. Not too mention you could use all the dice for other games or even to practice counting or math with your children.

Playing Tenzi - A Dice Game

Variations Include:

  • Tower Tenzi (as you get the number you want, you stack the dice. If the tower falls, you have to start over.)
  • Splitzi (Aim for five dice of two different numbers instead of 10 of one number.)
  • Target Tenzi (Decide on a number to go for ahead of time)
  • and more

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