REVIEW: Dinosaur Train: Big, Big, Big DVD

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Dinosaur Train Big Big BigRuntime: approx 100 minutes

Dinosaur Train’s newest DVD features BIG dinosaurs.

Buddy and his family go on the Dinosaur Train to meet the biggest dinosaurs: Allie Alamosaurus, Denise Diplodocus, Apollo Apatosaurus and Arnie Argentinosaurus.

The DVD features 8 Dinosaur Train Episodes:

  1. Remember the Alamosaurus
  2. Heck of a Neck
  3. An Apatosaurus Adventure
  4. Arnie Rides the Flatcar
  5. Ned the Quadruped
  6. One Big Dinosaur
  7. Dinosaur Poop
  8. All Kinds of Families

Plus Special Features (Interactive game, colouring pages, activities, parent information and Dr. Scott Segments)

Our Thoughts on Big, Big, Big

I don’t mind watching Dinosaur Train with my kids unlike some children’s shows which can be quiet annoying sometimes. Our favourite episode was Dinosaur Poop!

It’s quite funny, educational, and appeals to the stage that many young kids are in where poop is funny. Buddy and his family see how big dinosaurs just poop wherever they are and it is out in the open for anyone to see, after all, where would they hide? They also see a Dung Beetle and how it uses the dinosaur poop which reminds me of the Poopendous picture book.

Seeing Buddy, Shiny, Tiny and Don meet the BIG dinosaurs which are so much bigger than them since they are kids reminds me of how I felt when I was a kid and how my kids probably feel sometimes being so much smaller than other people.  Another great Dinosaur Train video.

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