REVIEW: Always Radiant and Tampax Radiant Feminine Products

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WARNING: Talk about Periods Coming Up – if you don’t want to know, don’t read on. You’ve been warned.

Always Radiant and Tampax Radiant

It’s an inevitable part of life for women, the time of the month, our period, menstruation.

We all have different preferences for what to use and there’s a lot more to choose from then there was when our mothers were young.

Common Complaints about Pads/Tampons

  • Too Bulky – pads feel like I’m wearing a diaper or like I have to walk differently and people will notice.
  • Messy to change – Pads can rip apart if they are left too long or sometimes rip completely instead of peeling off the underwear, especially cheap brands. When you insert a tampon that comes with an applicator, and you put it back in the wrapper, you still have to wrap it with toilet paper to cover the mess.
  • Odor – face it, menstrual blood doesn’t smell very good and with most pads, I can smell it before it needs to be changed, which is gross.
  • Insertion Issues – with tampons, most you can never get a good grip to insert them and it ends up being a two handed, messy job. That’s one reason why I’ve been using ones without applicators lately.

I will admit that often times I like a product I try for review but don’t continue to purchase it on my own. Well I tried some Always and Tampax Radiant products and let me tell you, I WILL be purchasing this kind from now on.

How is the Radiant collection different?

When I reviewed Always Infinity back in 2009 I remarked on how the new spongy design was better fitting and there was no more diaper feel. The Always Radiant collection ties in the Always Infinity pads as well as Infinity pantiliners and Tampax tampons.

The Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners are thinner than you can imagine, while still protecting you from your lighter flow days and with flexible edges to fit any panty style.

The Always Radiant Infinity Pads really are like nothing else. If you’ve never tried them, the spongy materials is incredible. It stays flat even when it’s full (unlike other pads which bunch up in certain places where more of the flow accumulated) and I can’t see it ever ripping apart. I noticed less odour too.

The Tampax Radiant Tampons have the first ever resealable wrapper. It has a little flap and after you place the applicator back in the package, the seal goes down, covering any mess and you can just toss it in the garbage without worrying about someone else seeing it and thinking eww.

The Radiant collection also have a beautiful package design which you can see even on the wrapping. I know you might be thinking why does the wrappers have to look good, they only go in the garbage. This is true, but I really enjoyed the packaging, it made me feel better about having to be on my period and it somehow seemed less embarrassing if I accidentally flung a pad or tampon out of my purse while reaching in for something else.

So show of hands (ie. comments) – who had ever accidentally had pads/tampons displayed in public? (fell out of purse, kids played with them etc.)

*I received product from a company or PR agency for evaluation purposes. All review are honest.

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