G. Marquis Premium Wines from Niagara-on-the-Lake

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G. Marquis WineI am a wine lover, somewhere between a novice and connoisseur.  A friend gave me a two day wine course where I learned more about wine and pairing. The more I drink it the better I like it. I would like to pay more attention to pairing. Right now it’s a matter of expense dryness and taste that determined my choices. I prefer white wine but have found some reds pretty good. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to try the G. Marquis Red Line from the Niagara Peninsula.

The company sent two bottles in a nice bag with a bow and a very cute cork USB stick with product info. When I read their marketing info on the Red Line I was very happy to see that it is unoaked and fruit flavoured as I really don’t care for oaky tasting wine and tend to choose fruity wines.

G. Marquis 2009 MerlotI started with the 2009 Merlot, a medium bodied wine, which is a red wine I would choose. I haven’t paid too much attention to correct serving temperature in the past so thought I’d start there. I chilled it to the suggested 14-16° C and tried a glass. I tend to find red wine a little too overpowering for me and I find it difficult to taste the underlying flavours. This wine wasn’t too bad for a red. Many people who love red, I’m sure will find it very good. Next I paired it with a beef stew; I love how different a wine will taste with food. I enjoyed it much more with food. I did however find it too cold at the recommended temperature. I would recommend it as a good accompaniment when paired with suggested foods.

The other bottle was a 2010 Riesling. I have had Riesling before but one of my favourites is Pinot Grigio. I think it’s because it’s a light bodied wine while Riesling is medium bodied. The Riesling was crisp and dry and I could detect the fruit flavours in it. I found that I liked it at a colder temperature, between 16-17°C. I tried a new recipe using the Riesling. I did a search for cooking with Riesling and found Pork Chops with a Riesling Peach Sauce at allrecipes.com. It was delicious and the wine itself was even better with the dish. I think it was the peach in the food and the peach in the wine that made it so good. While I thought it was okay on its own it was totally awesome with the peach chops. I would defiantly purchase it to make that dish again. Even my husband who doesn’t like wine loved the dish.

Cooking With G. Marquis 2010 Reisling

I had never tried G. Marquis before but I sure would like to try their ice wine next.

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About G. Marquis:

G. Marquis is new wine brand produced in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region at the Niagara Stone Road vineyard. It comes in two lines: Silver and Red.

Where to Buy:

You can find the wine’s I tried at your local LCBO and some of the other G. Marquis wines at LCBO and Duty Free shops. The Red Line ranges from $11.95-$12.95 while the Silver line ranges from $14.95-$39.95

*The reviewer received product from a company or PR agency for evaluation purposes. All review are honest.

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