REVIEW: Oogaa Silicone Baby Feeding Set

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Oogaa Silicone Baby Mealtime Set

Baby/Toddler Feeding Troubles

My children have always used little kid bowls and cutlery but I get annoyed when they can’t be put in the microwave to reheat uneaten food, or they make a big clang when they inevitably get tossed on the floor. Also getting your little one to start to use a spoon can be tricky at first. There is also the worry that when that bowl of food accidentally gets shoved under the couch for a month, and it’s eventually found covered in mould, that the mould might transfer to the bowl.

Why Oogaa is Different

Those worries are gone with Oogaa. Oogaa bowls and spoons are made out of silicone which is mould or bacteria resistant. You don’t have to worry about the food tasting like silicone either as it’s odorless and tasteless.

Other benefits: microwave and dishwasher safe, heat resistant, freezer safe, BPA free and soft on tender gums.

Also you may notice in the photo above that they are bright, fun colours and the spoons come in airplane and trains! Oogaa is also starting to branch off into children’s clothing.

Our Experiences

My son has switched from feeding himself large pieces of food (baby-led weaning) to being fed with a fork and sharing off my plate. (He’s never had baby food, he hated it) I am just now getting him to start feeding himself. I like that the bowl is so big. You can’t tell in the images but the bowl and spoons are way bigger than I was expecting. This makes holding the spoon easier plus there is room for my hands to help him learn. The bowl as I said is big enough to hold a few different foods. It’s like a small plate with rounded edges.

When Liam inevitably tosses it on the floor, it doesn’t make a huge clatter sound which I appreciate it and if he chews on the bowl or spoon, it won’t damage his teeth. See how big they are in the photo below? The spoon is as long as his arm and the bowl is wide enough to be a hat for his head.


I love how easy it is to clean too, no stains, no hard scrubbing, even if it’s not washed right away. The bowl has the cute Oogaa monkey on the bottom too so it’s fun to eat and uncover his face.

Where to Buy

In the USA – At the Oogaa online shop or other online and offline retailers

In Canada – Sold Exclusively at Raspberry Kids

Also available in UK, Hong Kong and Australia

Find Oogaa on Facebook and Twitter

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