My 5 Year Old Poet #poetry

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The following poems were written by my five year old. I typed the words as she said them. I hit enter when she paused. All she did was draw a little picture of the subject of each and then recite a poem about it. It’s not like she planned it, wrote it down, tweaked it, etc.


I will be sharing any comments with her so please share what you think.

When the flowers bloom, what you see,
you can see tiger lilies and tulips.
This is the phone
you see buttons
so you can call people
if they are close or far away
The kites
when people fly it in the air
they see how beautiful it is
When you see rainbows
in the sky
They got beautiful colours
for everyday.
The sun shines on the flowers
The rain makes them bloom
When you see flowers
they always smell good
Different shapes in the world
Different kinds of shapes
Like hearts and circles
You see them all around
Doesn’t matter how many there are
There are shapes all around.
You see them almost like every day
These are the shapes

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