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Callista's Ramblings

I’ve reflected on why I started blogging a few times before. When I was asked for an Ask Callista post, I said:

“I actually started blogging WAY back in 2003. I had websites from geocities starting in 1999 for many different things and on one I did book reviews. Then I found and started putting my reviews there. Then in 2003 they changed the rules and didn’t allow anyone to post reviews on if they hadn’t purchased from there and I didn’t have a credit card so I couldn’t purchase from there.

So I was planning to go back to my website for reviews when I stumbled upon a book blog and saw that this would be a great place to feature my book reviews. So I started my book review blog first and then shortly after, started this one. It was originally mostly for me, with results from online quizzes and my own thoughts. Then I saw that others were blogging for an audience and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. The direction of Callista’s Ramblings has changed many times but that’s how it all started.”

I also talked about how my blog has evolved over the years in this recent post for The Great Canadian Blog Bash:

Callista’s Ramblings Over the Years

  • Started 2003  – when I was a teen and was new to blogging. Posts from back then are mostly memes, personal thoughts and silly quizzes.
  • 2004-2006 – I posted irregularly, mostly in little spurts.
  • 2007 – Mid year I started taking blogging a bit more seriously and started trying to post regularly. Still mostly memes and such though.
  • 2008 – late in the year I started getting contacted by companies and started out with small posts with product compensation.
  • 2009 – This is when I consider myself to really be a serious blogger that works with brands. I started doing more reviews and giveaways with opinion and random posts mixed in. April 2009 I got my current design. I also accepted my first guest post.
  • 2010  – Posted the post that has received the most page views and searches EVER on my blog, even to this day it is the most popular and it’s very simple and I wrote it on my own. Why is an Orange Called and Orange? I also got my first “gig” with Mom Central as a Majesta Mom. I also held my first special event: Camping Week
  • 2011 – big year for brand work and building readership. I participated in my first cash giveaway and started doing blog giveaway hops and sponsored posts. I also did my first Christmas Gift Guide
  • 2012 – Realized I was getting to be too much reviews and giveaways and not other content like I had originally hoped. I’ve lately started to write other posts (such as 6 Things to Remember When Hosting a Child’s Birthday) but have been catching up on reviews. I plan on unveiling more content soon.

So if I wrote about this before, why go through it again? I was tagged by Newlywed Survival to do a post on how my blog came to be.

So now I pass on the tagging.  I’ve included one of their more recent posts if you want to check them out.

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