REVIEW: Fun Bites Bite Sized Fun Shapes

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Do you cut your child’s food into little bite size pieces? Maybe it’s to make it easier to pick up, easier to chew, or maybe just for fun. Or perhaps you send your older child to school with a Bento lunch so you are making the food into fun shapes for that.

What do you use? A knife? That takes time. Cookie cutter? Can’t get the pieces small enough. Fun Bites Bite Sized Food Cutter

That’s where Fun Bites comes in.

Fun Bites makes meal time prep easier. Cut that sandwich into a bunch of small pieces in 5 seconds (that’s how long it took me!)

Just lay out the food item on a cutting board or plate. Put the cutter part (the one with handles) on the food and rock it back and forth. Then put the other part inside and pick the whole thing up off the cutting board and push the middle  through to get all the pieces out.

Use it on fruit, sandwiches, pancakes/waffles, pizza, hamburgers, lunch meat, cheese and more.

As you can see in the picture above, there are two kinds. One makes all squares and the other makes a bunch of half circles and triangles which merge together to make a big heart.

I got the heart one to try out. I brought it to playgroup and we tried it out on the cheese slices.

Testing Out Fun Bites Bite Sized Cutter

Rocking the Cutter Back and Forth Over the Cheese
(wasn’t hard for cheese slices, would need to rock more for something thicker)

Testing Out Fun Bites Bite Sized Cutter

Pushing the middle part through and the cheese pieces drop onto the plate.

Suggestions For Use:

  • Slice melons and use square fun bites to make cubes of melon. Serve as is, add to fruit salad or make fruit kebabs with grapes and banana slices.
  • Make quesadillas and cut them into fun bite sized shapes that you can dip into sour cream.
  • Cut bread into pieces, then spread with a little topping of your choice and add another piece of bread for mini sandwiches.
  • When you make pancakes, instead of adding syrup and then cutting it up for your child, cut it up with fun bites and then add syrup on top.

I was sent the heart shaped one to use but I must say I would have preferred the squares. While the small pieces in mine make up a heart and could be used to create pictures on your plate by moving them around, personally I would have preferred to have all the same shape.

One thing that is very cool is that it’s NOT sharp. Your child could help you cut the foods without worrying about getting cut. It’s the rocking motion that helps cut it, there is no blade. The product is also BPA free and is top shelf dishwasher safe. Also because it helps you pop the food right you, you don’t have to touch the food, keeping germs to a minimum. It’s great for picky eaters, adding a little fun encourages kids to eat up!

Buy It! Fun Bites can be ordered online at If you are in Canada, you can also order from Tiny Wiggles which is located in Canada to help you save on shipping!

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