I’m Proud to Be Canadian, How About You? #TGCBB

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The Great Canadian Blog Bash

I’m happy to be participating again in The Great Canadian Blog Bash(TGCBB), a celebration of Canadian Bloggers and All Things Canadian.

About Me

So first to introduce me. My name is Kathleen and I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I’m a SAHM to three children:

  1. Girl 6 years old
  2. Girl 5 years old
  3. Boy 1 year old


I’m also a Girl Guide Leader, playgroup enthusiast and nonfiction book lover. I love to blog and learn about blogging and blog with others. kathleengarber

I’m turning 29 very soon (June 28) and I’m happy to be sharing a Birthday Weekend with Canada!

Proud Canadian

I have always been a proud Canadian. I love living in Canada and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I’ve always lived in Windsor, Ontario, Canada too. Well I was in Leamington for a while as a baby but I don’t remember and that’s pretty much the same places anyways!

Canada Day Parade Windsor Ontario 2010

Photo Above Taken at the Canada Day Parade Windsor, Ontario, Canada 2010.

About Callista’s Ramblings

First of all you should know that Callista is the name I used to use online. It’s still in many of my usernames and emails but when I was younger, I was told not to use my real name online for safety. Now that I share my name with all kinds of companies anyways, I figured I might as well go by it. I prefer Kathleen anyways. I contemplated changing my  blog name a few times, not just because of the Callista thing but I didn’t want to have to go through all that renaming such with all the links and references to my blog and such.

Callista’s Ramblings Over the Years

  • Started 2003  – when I was a teen and was new to blogging. Posts from back then are mostly memes, personal thoughts and silly quizzes.
  • 2004-2006 – I posted irregularly, mostly in little spurts.
  • 2007 – Mid year I started taking blogging a bit more seriously and started trying to post regularly. Still mostly memes and such though.
  • 2008 – late in the year I started getting contacted by companies and started out with small posts with product compensation.
  • 2009 – This is when I consider myself to really be a serious blogger that works with brands. I started doing more reviews and giveaways with opinion and random posts mixed in. April 2009 I got my current design. I also accepted my first guest post.
  • 2010  – Posted the post that has received the most pageviews and searches EVER on my blog, even to this day it is the most popular and it’s very simple and I wrote it on my own. Why is an Orange Called and Orange? I also got my first “gig” with Mom Central as a Majesta Mom. I also held my first special event: Camping Week
  • 2011 – big year for brand work and building readership. I participated in my first cash giveaway and started doing blog giveaway hops and sponsored posts. I also did my first Christmas Gift Guide
  • 2012 – Realized I was getting to be too much reviews and giveaways and not other content like I had originally hoped. I’ve lately started to write other posts (such as 6 Things to Remember When Hosting a Child’s Birthday) but have been catching up on reviews. I plan on unveiling more content soon.

So it’s nice to “meet” you  and thanks for reading this. I hope you will decide to Subscribe, Like or Follow me to keep up and please introduce yourself in the comments (or say hello if I already know you!)

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