Safety With a Safety Razor–Or How My Child Shaved Off Her Eyebrows

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Before the invention of the safety razor, men shaved with straight razors which could easily cut your skin and had to be used a certain way. I always wondered how they managed to shave with those things without cutting off their face!

Now that we have razors that are housed in a plastic or metal casing to make it less likely we get cut, we can shave faster and safer but of course, it’s still a razor and is still sharp.

Where do you keep your razors?

Ours are usually either in a “shaving” basket or on a wire rack hanging in the shower. However my husband often forgets to put his razor back when he’s done and leaves it on the shelving unit over the toilet where we usually keep the towels.

The result?


My Suggestion

I suggest you of course keep your razors away from your kid’s reach, but also that you don’t shave in front of your children, that you do teach them that it’s sharp and can cut them. (See the little cut in the middle picture? Would have been a lot worse with a straight razor.)  Also keep your blade sharp, (or in the case of disposables, buy new blades.) You might think this would be more dangerous but in reality, a dull blade is more likely to cut the skin.

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