Ritmo Prenatal Audio Sound System – Sponsor Spotlight for #ShakeRattleWin

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Ritmo Prenatal Audio Sound System

Science has shown us the value of playing music to your unborn child, but it’s always been a bit tricky. If you play music in the room, your baby probably can’t hear it unless it’s turned up really loud. If you play it through headphones held to your belly, then you can’t enjoy the music too.

What Is Ritmo?

Ritmo is designed to be enjoyed by both mother and baby at the SAME TIME. It features four speakers for surround sound and hugs your belly and back, also providing lumbar support during a time when you really need it. The belt can be adjusted as your baby (and belly) grow.

Ritmo was recently worn by Emily Deschanel’s pregnant character Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan on the Fox Network TV show Bones.

In addition, families can use a complimentary recording sservice online called Nuvo Connect to create recordings such as stories or lullabies to be played for the baby. This would be absolutely perfect for fathers-to-be who are in the military and want the baby to know his voice.

 Ritmo Prenatal Audio Sound System

What Makes Ritmo Different?

Ritmo is the only prenatal audio product that uses advanced acoustic technology specifically created for prenatal use. It’s designed for comfort and convenience and the belt provides lumbar support.

You can get the Ritmo for $79.99 or the Ritmo Premium for $149.99.  Both come with the belt  but the Ritmo Premium has more:

We understand that there are many parents that prefer the convenience of Nuvo Group handling the safety component of their baby’s prenatal sound experience. Therefore, this product offering includes the Ritmo Safe & Sound Controller, which is a device that actually learns the patterns of music and sounds and plays it to the baby in the womb at a continuous safe and stable decibel level that uniquely fits their physical growth stage during the pregnancy. This product also includes a washing pouch and a power supply charger. – source

How Can I Use Ritmo?

Any way you want. You do NOT have to be sitting or laying down. You can use it while you take a walk or while you shop. Since it straps to your belly, you can move around as you want and it will stay put.

Grocery Shopping While Using Ritmo

Where Can I Get Ritmo?

You can purchase online at Nuvo Group or select online retailers. Ritmo is also available in select stores in the US, UK and Republic of Korea.  (So Canadians have to buy online.) Details here.

You can Like Ritmo by Nuvo on Facebook.

Nuvo Group is sponsoring my giveaway for the Shake Rattle & Roll Hop. I will be giving away one Ritmo Prenatal Audio Sound System Premium (RV: $149) so come back May 22 to enter!

*Disclosure: This is a spotlight, not a review. I have not tried the product myself. No compensation was provided. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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