REVIEW: World’s Best Cat Litter

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For the first time since since I started reviewing products on this blog, my cat got something in the mail to try out. Okay so cat litter is no toy but it’s a necessity for a cat.

What I hate about cat litter in general is that it sticks to the bottom of the cat’s foot so that they drag it with them throughout the house leaving smelly litter not to mention germs all over your house (where babies crawl…) This is not as much a problem with World’s Best Cat Litter.

You may be asking what brand is the World’s Best Cat Litter.. no, that IS the brand name.

World's Best Cat Litter Logo

So what is so different about this cat litter compared to the kind you might usually use?

  • Made With Corn. All natural, whole-kernel corn. As you might imagine, the litter is a shade of yellow.
  • Odor Control. The corn absorbs odors. It also has less odor itself. Have you smelled cat litter lately? Nasty all by itself. This cat litter smells like… corn!
  • Quick Clumping. The liquid is trapped quickly, stopping it from seeping through to the bottom or sides of the box and possibly sticking.
  • Long Lasting. The quick clumping feature keeps the wet in the wet and the dry litter try. So it will last longer.
  • Chemical Free. All natural ingredients, no chemicals. No more breathing in silica dust which is NOT good.
  • Planet Friendly. It isn’t made from mined, drilled or artificially made ingredients.

World’s Best Cat Litter currently comes in three types: Clumping, Multiple Cat Clumping and Scented Multiple Cat Clumping.

World's Best Cat Litter

  • Clumping (odor control and clumping, ideal for 1-2 cats)
  • Multiple Cat Clumping (added all natural plant derivative for enhanced odor control, idea for 2 cats or more)
  • Scented Multiple Cat Clumping (100% all natural scented lavender oil for those who like scented litter.)

I am very happy with my World’s Best Cat Litter, you don’t automatically smell cat litter when you come in the house and if the cat does drag some around the house, it doesn’t have a horrible smell (but I’ve noticed it sticks to her feet less.) I don’t mind cleaning the litter box as much either.  Definitely worth it. 

World’s Best Cat Litter is available in stores in the US and a few online locations. It is available at but I wasn’t able to confirm if it was available in Petsmart stores in Canada or not.

Okay now I know all you cat lovers reading this want to see a photo of my cat so here you go (her eyes are closed in EVERY picture.) Her name is Kira.

july2008 019

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