REVIEW: The Pocket Referee: Making Peace Between Siblings

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Sibling Rivalry Happens to Every Family

All siblings fight but when your children are close in age, they fight more. My girls are not quite 15 months apart and it’s like it’s their mission in life to be ahead of or better than each other, no matter how much I’ve tried to teach them that’s not what counts.

They are constantly fighting over whose turn it is to go on the computer, what TV show they are going to watch, who goes first with a toy and so on. I tried keeping track of whose turn it was to decide but that’s practically impossible. I tried choosing who got their way based on who seems to get their way less,  but that’s not really fair. I tried letting them figure it out for themselves and just ended up with two crying children.

So What Can I Do?

Enter The Pocket Referee. We are still testing this out completely but the premise makes PERFECT SENSE. Why didn’t anyone invent this before? The Pocket Referee - Sibling Rivarly

It’s quite simple actually and has hidden benefits which we’ll see in a moment.

  1. Flip the coin to see which child starts with it.
  2. When a situation arises, the child with the coin can EITHER:
    • Get their way but pass the coin
    • Let the other one have their way and keep the coin

What Were Those Hidden Benefits?

Empowerment (your children can settle their own arguments which will make them feel more grown up)

  • Delayed Gratification (Since they can choose to keep the coin and allow their sibling to have their way this once so that they can have their way next time when it may be something more important to them, your child is learning that sometimes we have to wait to get something we want and that sometimes something later is better than something now.
  • Keeping the Peace (No more fighting! If they start fighting, just ask “Who has the ref?” and let them figure it out.

TIP: The child is possession of the coin doesn’t have to carry it on him at all times (although it does come in a nice velvet bag with an imprinted carabiner) My girls are clipping it to their bed or dresser when it’s “theirs.”

What if I Have Three Children?

The Pocket Referee makes two different varieties of their coins: Antique Brass and Gold Finish. If you have three children, you will need both of them. Gold wins out over brass. So if a child with a coin and a child without a coin are in argument, the child with the coin gets the choice. If both children have a coin, the child with the gold coin gets the choice. If however the child with gold coin decides child with brass coin can have their way, child with brass coin gives her coin to child without a coin.

Buy It: You can purchase The Pocket Referee at the website in their online store, at and in a few select places in a few select US states (see the website.)

Disclosure: I received a product in order to write my review as part of a promotion with Living Your Moment . All opinions are mine and mine alone. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255 concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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