REVIEW: Clipa Handbag Helper / Purse Hook #gifts4mom

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Clipa Handbag Helper Purse Hook

Introducing the Clipa.

I’ve never bothered with a purse hook/clip before because my mom had one and she always forgot to use it and when she did remember, it didn’t work on every type of table.

That all changed when I was offered the Clipa to try out. Honestly I figured I’d try it out and then probably never use it again. I was WRONG! I use it all the time and I find places to use it even when I don’t need to JUST to show everyone how cool it is.


  • It goes ON the bag, not IN the bag so you won’t lose it and you can quickly move it from purse to purse if you are the kind of person who changes purses all the time (ahem… mom…)
  • It doubles as a bracelet. Yup a bracelet. Go somewhere and forget your bling? Want to add another row to your bangles? Clipa works here too.
  • Can be used almost anywhere: door, office cubicle walls, movie theaters, rails, walls, fences, sinks, shopping carts.
  • Not just for purses! Use with your backpacks, diaper bags and more because….
  • It holds up to 45lbs! I’m seriously thinking of having my 38lb daughter hang off of it to test it out.
  • Tested for 10 YEARS of use.

What Do I Like The Best?

When you want to pick your purse up again, all you have to do is grab your purse and pull. The Clipa automatically comes off the surface and clips back onto your purse. I tested this MULTIPLE TIMES! (it’s fun!)

4 step

The Clipa comes in different colours and styles. I received the Chloe which is plain silver ($19) but there are also other choices including polished hematite, polished or brushed gold zirconium, iridescent multicolour titanium, black sparkle, ruby red and pink Clipa for a Cure.

10% of the sale of a Clipa for a Cure goes to The Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can also get them with crystals embedded in them for even more of a jewellery look.  (see first picture) Each Clipa comes packaged in a box as shown below which was a nice touch.

Clipa Purse Hook Handbag Holder

You can check out the Clipa Blog or follow on Twitter and Facebook. You can also enter to win one in my Mother’s Day Giveaway which ends 5/18.

Check out the video to see it in action:

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