Beanitos and Wholly Guacamole–A Good Combination #CANsnack

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I just recently started eating Avocado. I love it now in salads and on burgers and tacos. I never really liked guacamole though. Every kind I tried just wasn’t for me. I tried at least 3 different kinds, some homemade, some store bought. They were too overpowering.

Wholly Guacamole – The Test

So when I was able to try out Wholly Guacamole, I jumped at the chance because I wanted to see if there product was as good as everyone said it was. I figured if a non-guacamole eater loved it, it MUST be good. Wholly Guacamole

Well guess what, I DO love it. It’s creamy, NOT overpowering with garlic or onion and is a nice cool snack (that’s healthy too!)

Oh and I think I know WHY I love it so much. It’s FRESH. It doesn’t have any preservatives or hard to pronounce ingredients and it is even found in the produce section.

Ingredients: Hass Avocados, Jalapeno Puree (white vinegar, jalapeno peppers, salt), Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Granulated Garlic.

All natural ingredients – Preservative and Additive Free – Gluten Free & Non-GMO – Kosher Certified

Wholly Guacamole SpicyI tried the SPICY one too and whew is it spicy! My mouth was on fire and I had to run for water but it was GOOD! (this coming from the person who didn’t like anything spicy or hot ever before baby #3)

To find Wholly Guacamole in the US, check out here. In Canada find it at Freshmart, Loblaw’s, Safeway, Real Canadian Superstores, Fortinos, Valu-Mart, Zehrs, IGA’s in British Columbia Overwaitea, Metro, Sobey’s (Atlantic stores only) (A friend saw it in a Walmart too!)

Wholly Guacamole is not currently available in Quebec.

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Try Beanitos For a Different Pairing

Instead of eating it with regular corn chips though, may I suggest you try Beanitos? Beanitos are chips made from beans instead of corn or potatoes.

Beanitos Chips (Black Bean)Beanitos are now available in single serve bags and are new to Canada.

New Single-Serve Size 1.25 oz, – 175 Calories – 6 g Protein & 6 g Fiber – GLUTEN-FREE, CORN-FREE, WHEAT-FREE, SOY-FREE, NON-GMO and LOW ON THE GLYCEMIC SCALE

Other companies have “bean” chips too but they all have corn in them too and can’t claim all the health benefits the other ones can either.

The four flavours I was able to try were Black Bean, Pinto Bean and Flax, Black Bean BBQ Chipotle and Pinto Bean and Flax Cheddar Cheese. Eaten alone, I really only liked the Cheddar Cheese but eaten with the guacamole I preferred the plain Black Bean and plain Pinto Bean and Flax. I was not a fan of the BBQ Chipotle.

Sharing With Other Moms

beanitosHowever I took the Beanitos and Wholly Guacamole to playgroup and shared it with all the moms there for our Mother’s Day feast and they were POPULAR! The kids were eating them, the moms were eating them, it was great. Everyone had their own favourite. Many moms were asking what stores they could get the products at! 

Beanitos are in 12,000 stores across the US, including Whole Foods, Krogers & Safeway. You can see a list here. Beanitos have just recently come to Canada –– find at select Horizon, Sobeys and Longo’s.

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