REVIEW: Dinosaur Train Eggstravaganza DVD

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It’s Easter Time with Dinosaur Train!

Buddy and his family and friends learn all about the different types of eggs and how different Dinosaurs, have different types of eggs and care for them differently too.

The DVD has the main Eggstravaganza episode plus a bonus 8 episodes for a total run time of approx. 100 minutes. If you have seen Dinosaur Train, you know that each episode includes a segment by Dr. Scott the Palaeontologist where kids can learn how what was shown in the DVD, relates to actual Dinosaurs.

Other special features included an Interactive Game, Coloring Pages, Dinosaur Reference Guide and Information for Parents.

Eggstravaganza: Buddy and Don stumble upon a mystery when they find unhatched eggs on their beach. Soon all the kids join in to solve the mystery, as they figure out that the eggs belong to an overprotective, caring mom named Olivia Oviraptor who is just trying to keep her eggs safe. 

Bonus Episodes Include:

  • The Egg Stealer?
  • Hatching Party
  • Tank’s Baby Brother
  • Diamond Anniversary
  • Nursery Car
  • All Kinds of Families
  • A Sea Turtle Tale
  • The Good Mom

Perfect for ages 3-6, make it a video to watch this Easter.


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