Ask Callista–4/20–Picky Eating, Product Reviews & Blogging

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Ask Callista is my weekly feature where I answer reader questions. kathleengarber

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The Questions

Multi-Testing Mommy asks… Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with a super picky eater?

For some kids, picky eating is more to do with control in a similar way to how potty training is. They don’t want to be told what to eat or how to eat it.  Sometimes picky eating comes from not being offered enough diverse foods when they are younger or from watching other children and adults around them, make funny faces or say yuck to foods. It’s said it takes 21 times of tasting a food before we will develop a fondness for it. Occasionally there is a severe underlying issue such as Extreme Picky Eating or Selective Eating Disorder.

Toddler and young children have certain quirks that we must remember are a normal part of growing up and learning to eat foods. Do not be concerned if your young child:

  • does not want his or her food touching on the plate
  • holds food in his or her mouth for a while
  • wants only one food for several days or weeks only to refuse that same food for the next few weeks/months.
  • wants things a certain way and is upset if you do it differently (such as cutting the toast differently or using the “wrong” plate.

So what can you do about picky eating?

  • Continue to offer healthy foods. Explain that it is on the plate so he can try it when he wants to. If he doesn’t, he can leave it on the plate. Just offer a tiny bit.
  • Role model eating a wide variety of foods. Refrain from saying eww or yuck or making faces at food you don’t like. Just say no thank you or pass it.
  • Offer a multivitamin recommended from your doctor.
  • Bring your child in for regular check ups with your doctor to ensure he is gaining weight as he should and there are no worrying health problems. I suggest having blood done every once in a while to check for deficiencies.
  • Realize that most children outgrow such pickiness.
  • Take your child shopping with you. Sometimes if they pick out something to eat, they are more likely to actually eat it.
  • Check out the book The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution by Elizabeth Pantely – the BEST book on the subject.
  • If you live in Ontario, contact your local health unit and ask about the NutriStep screening.
  • Ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist to discuss your concerns.

Good luck!

Added 4/25/12 – Check out Picky Eating Therapy from Healthy Lifestyle, Strong Family

Diane from Me, Him and the Cats asks… What is your favorite/most used product that you have reviewed ?

Oooh good one. I had to think for a bit but the item I got for review that I’ve used the most since I’ve gotten it would have to be…. my desk chair from CSN Stores (Now Wayfair). I’ve used it for over a year now and my bottom is much more comfortable because of it!

Ashley from Dr. Pepper Diva asks… Why did you start blogging?

I actually started blogging WAY back in 2003. I had websites from geocities starting in 1999 for many different things and on one I did book reviews. Then I found and started putting my reviews there. Then in 2003 they changed the rules and didn’t allow anyone to post reviews on if they hadn’t purchased from there and I didn’t have a credit card so I couldn’t purchase from there.

So I was planning to go back to my website for reviews when I stumbled upon a book blog and saw that this would be a great place to feature my book reviews. So I started my book review blog first and then shortly after, started this one. It was originally mostly for me, with results from online quizzes and my own thoughts. Then I saw that others were blogging for an audience and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. The direction of Callista’s Ramblings has changed many times but that’s how it all started.

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