Zellers is Looking For Your Memories (Sponsored Video)

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As mentioned previously, Zellers is closing it’s doors and I am sad to see it go.

My family shopped there all the time. I got my back to school shopping done there, I bought new clothes there, we bought gifts for others there, and when I had kids, we bought baby stuff there. I don’t want to let it go!

Do you remember Zeddy? The Zellers Teddy Bear character? I had almost forgot about him till I saw mention of him. He was taken off as mascot in 2005 except in the baby section but was brought back a few times since the stores starting preparing to close.

Unlike other stores, Zellers really appreciates it’s customers and wants your help in remembering it’s past. They are looking for customer’s memories that they can recreate like the video below.  Maybe something memorable happened to you or your family member in a Zellers. Something funny perhaps? Or embarassing? Don’t be shy, share your story!

Share your story on the Memory Showcase Tab of the Zellers facebook page. If your story is one of the eight they pick to bring to life, you will receive a $250 Zellers Gift Card! Considering all the sales that are going on, you can buy a lot with that. There are some stories there already that you can check out!

Also anyone can stop by the page and pick up a Zellers coupon for $15 off when you spend $75 or more in the seasonal department but hurry, the coupon ends Apr 5.

*Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Zellers but written by Callista’s Ramblings. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 

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