Let’s Fix Pinterest – How to Fix the Source Link of a Pin #pinterest

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If you are active on Pinterest, you know that there is a problem with people not following the Pin Etiquette and not pinning from the source.

When you pin from Google Image Search or a Tumblr blog or another pin type site (like weheart it or clipix), the pin links back to Google or Tumblr or the pin site and NOT to where the picture is originally from. Sometimes Tumblr blogs link to it’s original source so that you could click through and pin from there, but usually they are not. If you pin from a search engine, click through until the actual webpage shows up and then pin from there.

So what can we do about pins that we’ve repinned from someone else but aren’t linked correctly?

You Can Fix Them

If you click the link and it’s not the original source but you can find the original source (the photo was watermarked with the url or you recognize where it’s from or it was linked to a site that links to the original source) then go to that source, copy the url and then go to your pin and edit it. Let me show you.

I found this pin on my board that linked to livejournal blog. I checked and it wasn’t the original source.

I hovered over it and options came up. Click edit.

In another window, I typed muppet cupcakes in the search (this is swagbucks) and saw the one I want. I figured this one, since it’s a news article, would most likely credit the correct source. I was right. It gave me the link to the original webpage. I went there and they have the photo right on their main page. You can also drag and drop an image into a search box to search for that photo.

This is what comes up when you edit a pin. I deleted the link that was listed and pasted in the correct link, then clicked save.

What Do You Do If You Can’t Find the Original Source

I delete the pin if I can’t find the original source, especially if it’s something someone created (which is most.) I haven’t gone through my whole Pinterest account yet but I’m working on it. If you notice an image that isn’t source correctly, comment on it to tell others to fix it.

What About User Uploaded Content

Personally I do NOT understand why Pinterest allows this if they want everything credited. Please don’t upload pictures directly and try not to repin them.

What About You?

Do you have any ideas on finding sources for images? Do you delete pins you can’t source? Or do you not bother and just repin and repin?

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