Getting My Income Taxes Done at H&R Block Canada #incometax #tax

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Does the thought of doing your income taxes fill you with dread?

It does for many Canadians. Figuring out what slips you need, what information goes in what spot and if you might be missing something important are very stressful.

Why fret and sweat, trying to figure out your taxes when you can have qualified help from tax professionals at H&R Block?

I’ve done my taxes with them for over 8 years now and I’ve been satisfied each and every time. My needs have changed as I had kids and bought a house and went on disability but H&R Block is able to carry over my past information each year so that they just have to make minimal alterations to my file and it’s up to date. This year I had to add my son Liam who was born in 2011. I gave them his name, birth date and SIN # and boom, he is in the system with his sisters.

Just this past week we went in to do our taxes, my husband and I . You can make an appointment but we just walked in, gave them our names and SIN numbers and sat down to wait. When it was our turn, we were led to a small cubicle (for privacy) where a very friendly tax professional asked us how we were doing. If you aren’t sure what you will need to bring with, you can call one of their offices first and ask.

We signed our privacy agreements and then got right down to work. He went over what papers we had brought and our situation to figure out if we had all the papers we needed. It turns out we forgot one but he was able to calculate it out so we didn’t have to go back to search for it. He also reminded us that now that our children are older and will be getting into sports and other activities, that we need to keep receipts for anything we pay for them, to be claimed next year.

One thing I really like, is that I can see the computer he is working on, and watch him input the information so I know it’s going in right. If I see an error, I could point it out right away. Not that he made any errors, but I like seeing the process.

As he inputted our information, the computer changed it around to work the best for us. This year, my husband claimed the house, I claimed the kids and I claimed our boarder. It’s different every year because the computer is smart and as I said, it will move things around as needed to get you the best possible return.

By going in and having them do your taxes for you, you mostly just sit there and answer questions while they do all the hard work for you.

Also, H&R Block offers:

Maximum Refund Guarantee (they will get the biggest refund possible)
Audit Assistance (they will stand by you and help if you get audited)
Second Look Service (if a past year’s return was not done by H&R Block, they will look it over to ensure you got biggest possible refund.)

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By giving your email to them, you get newsletters will helpful tips, reminders to do your taxes and FAQS about what you can claim. You can also call H&R Block, year round with your tax questions, such as wondering: Do I have to claim blog income?

If you still prefer to do your taxes from your own home, H&R Block offers that too. They even help out US citizens living in Canada, who must do US taxes too.

Be sure to check out Tax Talk – the H&R Block blog. For example, did you know that there were changes to the Ontario credits that will affect if you get a refund?

*Disclosure: I received gift certificates to do my taxes for free in exchange for this review. All opinions are honest. No other compensation was provided. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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