The 5 Things I Wish I’d Known… About Blogging

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Technically I’ve been blogging on and off for almost 8 years but most of that time I didn’t understand much about blogging and I took long periods of time in between posts. I’ve been regularly blogging for 4 years and even more focused for 2. I’ve learned a lot and still have to implement a lot of what I learned.

Here is what I wish I’d known BEFORE starting my blog:

  1. The importance of my own domain name. Since I wanted it to be more than just a personal blog for family and I wanted to reach many people, I should have purchased a domain. (I’ll be doing this soon – long overdue)
  2. The importance of posting regularly. I focused too much on stats instead of writing the quality content I wanted to be known for. I’ve strayed from my original vision for this blog and I am working to restore it.
  3. How much time it takes if you want to be successful. (be well known and/or monetize)
  4. How important social media would become. I wish I’d started my facebook fan page sooner and made a point of being active on all networks sooner. 
  5. How to organize my time. I am still trying to figure this out. I would have gotten so much more done if I could just organize my time. 

If you have a blog, what would you put on your list?
If you don’t, what’s something you wish you’d known about another topic?

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