2012 Winter Blogathon – March 9-11

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You know all those items on your Blogging To Do list? Those things you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t had a chance? Now’s your chance to get a large amount of them done!

I’m hosting a Blogathon for any blogger to join in and get things done. It’s a 72 hour blogathon but you aren’t expected to blog for 72 hours straight! Do as much as you can in that time period. If you can do 24 hours straight, awesome! If you can only do one day great. If you want to do all three days but still sleep 12 hours, great. Whatever you can do. If you can only do 2 hours during the whole event, you are still welcome to join. The idea is to set aside as much time as you can to work on your blog.

This one is Mar 9-11, 2012. I am planning on hosting 2 a year, one in Winter and one in Summer. Next year’s winter one will be earlier in the winter. I’m thinking perhaps January/February and June/July.

What can you do? Anything! Some ideas:

  1. Transfer your blog to wordpress (if you want)
  2. Write up some blog posts and schedule them.
  3. Catch up on reviews or other posts.
  4. Start a new blog meme or event
  5. Brainstorm ideas for blog.
  6. Start a Social Media profile you don’t have yet./
  7. Change the Design/Template of your blog.
  8. Do the “paperwork” of having a blog
  9. Moderate/Pick Winners of Giveaways that have ended.
  10. Review an Item
  11. Clean up your labels/tags
  12. Read about blogging

As you can see it doesn’t have to always involve the blog directly, maybe not even the computer. You could be sorting review items in your house, brainstorming with pen and paper, or cleaning up your email box.


I know sometimes it can be hard to get things done that need to be done. Even though we enjoy blogging, there are some parts of it that overwhelm as at times. So I’ve got some incentive for you.

  1. We will have mini challenges! A chance to learn something new about an aspect of blogging.
  2. We will have prizes! I’m getting some sponsors and we will pick random participants to win and those who participate in mini challenges will have a chance to win. 
  3. I’ll be posting updates throughout the event with check ins for how you are doing, links to the mini challenges and maybe some fun stuff.

I have three different sign ups below. You can sign up for one, two or all three.  Make sure you sign up as a participant or you won’t be eligible for prizes. You can sign up as a mini challenge host and not participate in the blogathon but if you want to do both, sign up for both.

Participants  – This means you want to play along. You will work on your blog during the appointed weekend as much as you can. You can participate in mini challenges if you want (they are optional). Be eligible for prizes. SIGN UP AS PARTICIPANT HERE

Mini Challenge Hosts – This means you are interested in hosting a mini challenge during the event. You will come up with your own idea for a post and challenge and post it on your blog during the appointed time. You will monitor for comments and questions. Mini challenges are to learn something new. So you could talk about an aspect of blogging and then ask a question or ask for a short task. If you want to host but don’t have ideas, let me know. SIGN UP AS A MINI CHALLENGE HOST HERE

Co-hosts – This means you are willing to take on a few responsibilities. You should have all or part of the weekend free. I can’t post updates or help people all the time so I’d like to have 4 hour shifts or something with at least 3 other people. As a co-host you would help recruit participants and help secure sponsors for prizes before the event. During the event you would post updates and links to mini challenges, make sure those hosting mini challenges during your shifts put them up, answer anyone’s questions tweet during the event with the specified hashtag and comments on participants updates. Please don’t apply to be a cohost unless you post at least 5 times a month on your blog (so I know you are active and won’t disppear when the event comes) and you can commit to helping. SIGN UP AS A COHOST HERE

I don’t want to require it but PLEASE, if you sign up as a participant, consider posting about it with the logo above so others can find this event and join in. Anything you can do to spread the word would be MUCH appreciated.

You can use the following code to add the button to your site or wherever:

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