REVIEW: Phit Grip – Antimicrobial Non-Slip Shopping Cart Cover

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There are all kinds of products on the market that protect babies from the germs of shopping carts but what about adults without children, or those who didn’t bring their children? How can they prevent getting germs while shopping?

PhitGrip is a company that makes antimicrobial non slip grips for weight lifting and now they have a special grip for shopping carts.


The grip doesn’t just cover the cart with something clean to hold on to, it also has a anti-microbial surface that scares away staph and e coli germs. Plus it provides a nice comfortable grip which is easier on your hands and its only $11.99!

You could easily stick it in your car with your reusable grocery bags to be taken into a store with you whenever you go. It feels like foam so it could easily be wiped clean before the next use or even bent to fit into a tight spot in your car.

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