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Shopping sure has changed.

When I was a kid (not even that many years ago really) you did all your shopping in the store. If a store wasn’t in your city, than you couldn’t shop at it. You scoured the weekly flyers for the specials so you knew what store to go to and that was about it.

Now many stores allow you to shop online so that if there isn’t a specific store in my area, I can shop online and the products shipped to my door. Even if I do have a local store, I can do all my shopping online, even grocery shopping. Plus there are daily deal sites and sites that help you find what you are looking for like Centrsource.

Centrsource is a Canadian site, run by Canada Post. It shows you deals around Canada in different categories. You can search by topic and/or by location to get offers that are relevant to where you live.

When you click on an offer, you are given more information on the product and store it comes from and you are shown how much time you have left to take advantage of the offer. It’s not like daily deal sites where you only have one or two days and a certain number of people have to want it first. The deals I looked at today were good until Dec 19, November 2012 and March 2020!

There are ebooks and magazine subscriptions, electronic, home appliances, toys, pets, gifts even vehicles. You can search by seller too.

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